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I am leaving ACR

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I am leaving ACR

Unread postby DutchNeo » October 13th, 2013, 4:15 am

Sorry to all that i have to leave like this.
But with the things that took place yesterday i am so pissed of.
I am leaving ACR, i stopped playing HL1 and i stopped mapping.

Good Bye!
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby DutchNeo » October 14th, 2013, 3:08 am

After 2 bad nights of sleep, i wanna say the following:

I had 7 good and fun game years at ACR.
I am sorry that Killer is ruin everything of a good clan.

A little explaining about what happend:

There were 4 people playing. 2 players were camping and Allie and I were running around.
Because i couldnt find anyone, i decided to get coffee.
I jumped on a boat and went for coffee.
Probable on this moment the chat protection went on. So nobody couldnt shoot me. Well that is what chat protection is for.
I never ask for chat protection.
When i came back, Allie and Jump left. So i left too.
Then i got message from Jump that he is banned.
So i went for a check and i am banned too.
Banned by Killer without saying anything.
I was admin, so Killer has full power of everthing, and can bann admins too and also on other servers.

Chat protection, spawn protection and Killer are the 3 things that ruin ACR clan.

Note to Killer: I never wanna see you or hear from you again. I also have reported you at Steam for abusing admin rights and cheating.
For you to know, i have been watching and following you in the last 3 months, because players complaint about you. I have a list from your cheat moments and admin abuse.

They should never have given full admin rights to you.

I hope to get any reaction, by Steam or Facebook, otherwise i will deleted everyone in there too!!

For everybody to know, I never cheat or abuse rules, i dont need too because i am better then that.
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby KillerOneTime » October 15th, 2013, 5:07 pm

This is one persons opinion we all have them.
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby Concerned1234 » October 17th, 2013, 6:18 am

This is not just his opinion. A lot of members feel this way and are afraid to express their opinion. ACR has been on a downward spiral since Killer has been given all this power. ACR servers used to be a fun place to go to for gaming, but not anymore. I for one, will never return as long as Killer is running the server. I feel really bad for Allie, she means well, but is being munipulated by Killer.

Perception = Reality

Good day.

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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby Junkaroo » October 18th, 2013, 8:20 am

Wow ! I haven't played much since I returned as my steam was on the fritz.
My Friend Sandman took and set me up fixing my computer.
I was getting e-mail most of the summer about trouble in ACR and bickering and players leaving.

I really need to think this out as the two players leaving are to me my best Friends.
Now I am not the best player around but I am no camper and enjoy playing HL.
But the clan won't be the same without these two dedicated players !
It is a a shame when one person can bring a clan to it's knees !
You need to take control Alilie or this could be the downfall of ACR!

My decision in a few days.....Sorry about this. Not good !

Junk :o :oops:
Stop By in my forum and say HI.....
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby Col. Klink » October 20th, 2013, 3:53 pm

First let me start by saying, Dutch I hope you do not leave, I enjoy gaming with you a great deal!

The rest of this is mostly @Concerned1234 (oh and by the way I am pretty sure I know exactly who you are)



What the hell is going on here?!?!?!?! Some of you all sound like freaking 10 year olds. I cant stand the bickering and the DRAMA! Grown up for fuck sake! I am so angry right now it is all I can do to not pull the plug on the whole goddamned setup! I don't have trouble like this on my server and it is mostly 10 year olds playing. In fact they have the decency to to be truthful, and not back stab, and handle themselves like adults.


All of this poison spills over on to my mom! Then it spills over on to me. My mom is 77 years old, and I have Multiple Sclerosis, do you morons honestly feel that the two of us need this kind of crap! I'll spell it out to you, the answer is NO! I have become so angry at this moment that my symptoms have escalated to such a level that I can barely type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You whiners make me sick to my stomach!

There seems to be some misconception that Killer has somehow taken control of everything. I can assure you he has not. He simply feels the same way I as do about this sort of thing.

This is a goddamned GAME people a GAME! A game for which you pay nothing to play. A game which is supposed to be fun. On a server which has some very clear guidelines and rules. Play with honor and honesty and you will be just fine.

If you do not like the way the rules work then leave. Why must you be mean and spiteful?!?!?!??!! I'd say that is what a 10 year old does, but in fact, it appears that they do not. I have no idea how to classify you whiners!

I realize that it is difficult for many people to be direct as I am being here today, the term for people like this is, Passive-Aggressive. People who are passive aggressive find it difficult to handle when people are direct with them and usually end up feeling like they have been treated unfairly and feel like they have been backed in to a corner. They then will do exactly what some of you have done and start crap and incite unhappiness among others. Instead of doing the right thing which is to bring it all out in the open before it ever reaches this state.

Let me be perfectly clear! This type of behavior will not fly with me! I will not stand for it.


So think twice before you threaten and name call and mock!

If for some reason you feel that you have been wronged, then bring it up here, be direct and be honest!

If that is not something that you can do, then get lost!

I thought that addressing this would make me feel better, but it has not. I am still so angry that some of you would act this way that I can't even think!


Oh my gosh I can not believe this! You, and you know who you are should be ashamed of your selves for doing this to my mom! :shock:

For the record, this is not about Killer. This is about ANY authority. If you think otherwise, then you are deluding yourself and need to take a good hard look inward before you make passive aggressive attacks on others!

Let's finally address the real underlying issue here, killing people facing the wall, which is why the chat protection was ever turned on. From day 1 I knew that it would be abused. Both Killer and I found problems right away and did our best to test it out and make it as difficult to exploit as possible. However, there were still ways to "game the system" which we were unable to fix. We only hoped that no one would catch on and if they did, they would have the honor to NOT exploit them.

Whether anyone did or did not exploit them is irrelevant!

If someone were to find a bug or a way to exploit the system it is up to them to do the honorable and honest thing and report it to the admins.

The problem with NOT having chat protection is that people get killed when facing the wall. Well just leave the game when you are not playing! Come back when you finish your cigarette or your coffee, or your dinner! Seems pretty simple to me!

This bring us to auto spawn. If it is not turned on then there are people that will use it as a way to cheat by seeing where other people are. Once again where is the honor. So it should be on all of the time. Don't like that? Well then perhaps you are guilty of using it in way you should not!?!?

Killer is not the problem here! The anonymous poster Concerned1234 should really be an adult and use their real name or their game name! Oh wait that's right they are part of the passive aggressive problem I was speaking of.

@Concerned1234 You mention members that are afraid to express their opinion? What a load of crap that is. There are no other members that are "afraid" to express their opinion. This is something that an anonymous coward would write to try to reinforce their point. It is simple posturing and chest puffing! Pathetic!

Perception = Reality huh? Well then I perceive that you sir or madam are a moronic coward that doesn't deserve the time that I have put in to this post!
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby Little Nicky » October 20th, 2013, 4:44 pm

I don't prefer to post on clan forums. The reason...everything gets misconstrued and taken out of context. So even though I don't like to it goes:

I have been in 3 clans before <ACR> and have left them because of the problems that have been mentioned in this post. I got on board with <ACR> because I felt 'This is a bunch of players who like to play and have fun!' Now this is happening...again!

Question-Who started <ACR>? Answer-Allie
Question-Does everyone want to have fun or do you want to control the clan? Answer-look at yourself for that
Oh yeah...who should have control of the clan? ALLIE If a problem arises that she needs help with I am sure there are enough resources (other members of the clan) that she can turn to.

Don't get me wrong (this is the misconstrued part) I do not want to be an admin and I will not accept admin privileges. However, I have been an admin and know what it is like. It is hard, it sucks and there is always someone who dislikes the calls you make.

I am done rambling. Now to the meat of this post:
1. getting mad at someone in a game...shoot them again.
2. blaming someone for cheating...have your ducks in a row and tell a different admin (privately) or Allie if needed
3. name calling cuts ties, normally permanently. be careful of what you say
4. Klink I applaud the way you defend your mother but's more fun to get back at someone than getting even

I will still play and be in the clan because I like to PLAY. Not because the players are angels and always do the right thing. That's too boring anyway. This game is one of the ways I retreat from my troubles in real life and I like all of you (at least so far). So if you can't have fun then go away. If you can have fun then it will be my pleasure to shoot you.
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby skull_thumper » October 20th, 2013, 5:14 pm

I agree with Klink I stand behind my tag <ACR>
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby bseeley » October 20th, 2013, 5:23 pm

Thanks everyone for your supporting posts.

Everyone has their own opinion and I like hearing your suggestions. Rules on the server are mine, like it or not, don't like, then don't play.

Think of me as a Queen not a president. This is not a democracy.
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Re: I am leaving ACR

Unread postby Little Nicky » October 20th, 2013, 6:20 pm

You know...I said I wouldn't post again but I can't stand it. This will definitely be the last time.

Have fun and get shot...OR...leave and have a lot less fun. Mainly because you will do the same thing again to somebody else!!!
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