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Server Game  Link IP and Port

Server Country 

<ACR> Allie's Urban Assault HL Deathmatch USA 
<ACR> Allie's Urban Assault 2 HL2 Deathmatch  USA
<ACR> Allie's Black Mesa Assault Black Mesa Deathmatch  USA

<ACR> Welcome to Your Death

 HL2 Deathmatch USA 
<ACR> Enjoy Your Death Black Mesa Deathmatch USA
<ACR> DOD Day of Defeat Source USA 
<ACR> Kizzys Crazy Domination  HL OZ Deathmatch England 
<ACR> Sandmans Underworld  HL OZ Deathmatch Germany
<ACR> Jo's Black Eyed Bees   HL OZ Deathmatch France 
<ACR> Conan's Rat House   HL2 Deathmatch  USA
Net's Majorly Damaged HL2 Deathmatch Server HL2 Deathmatch USA