Allie Cat at 19Our Founder at 19 years old.  Even then, she was always ahead of most everyone in her peer group.  She learned to fly and got her pilot's license, drove log trucks, was a reasonable marksman and even better archer, photographer, and life long artist to name just a few of the things she accomplished.  In my opinion (and I grant you that I am biased), she was also the most magnificent mother anyone could ever want.  She was very firm but thoughtful.  She found a way to be my friend and my mom all rolled up in one.  Not an easy task.  Interestingly before I was able to move my mom from her home to my home, she thought I was crazy for playing Half-Life and wanted nothing to do with the game no matter many times I suggested that she play. I even offered to purchase the game for her. Once she settled in at my home, she tried the game out once, and the next thing I knew I was building a computer that would play the game and in what seemed like a couple of months (even though I know it was longer), I was setting up a server just for her and <ACR> was born. 




Allie Cat at 73Our founder just a few years ago at 73.  A woman completely new and alive as a server owner, clan head, gamer, and friend to all.  Since she passed on to play a bigger better map, I have learned how much she meant to all of you on many different levels.  Some of you grew up with her in your lives. Some of you joined as her peer.  We are all lucky to have had her in our lives in every capacity that we have.