Sooner or later, we will lose the opportunity to play this game with some of our closest friends.  As a way to memorialize those that have passed on to the next map, we have created this web page.  Anyone that wishes to pass on thoughts, and memories of those that have moved on which will be published here, please send an email to me, Col. Klink.

When the last rose of the garden dried;
Passing over when my Shangri-la died.
The weight of a heart pushing out through eyes.
A river raging, white water rapids where sorrow lies.
So many wonderful years
Washed away in a fall of tears.
Petals torn from a blossom, to bloom ne'ermore.
Crashing in this mind like meteors to the floor.
Drowned in ink, staining; revealing only pain.
In a word; in a line, verses remain.
Memories that can't be allowed to fade.
For such a toll is far to high to be paid.
Carry these souls away from these stygian days.
I plead to thee, carry us out of this haze.
© Jerry Langdon 2023

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Douglas Burge ( Conan) Written by Col. Klink 806
Kata Written by Col. Klink 799
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Mike Wase ( NetSurfers) Written by Col. Klink 1562
Goo Goo Written by Col. Klink 4897
Quest56 Written by Killer One Time For Me 5599
Allie Cat Written by Col. Klink 6079