David DuRocher (KillerOneTime)

 November 3rd at about 3:05 pm Eastern Time, our friend and "Grumpy old man" KillerOneTime passed onto the next map. His immense contribution to Half-Life in general and specifically Half-Life at Allies Urban Assault will never be forgotten and his presence will be greatly missed. He was a sometimes extra prickly and gruff old guy that was always willing to help even when he said he wasn't willing. If there was a good practical joke in the works, you can bet David would be part of it. Then when the joke was executed, the days, weeks, and in some cases, years of laughter we all would enjoy and there would be his thunderous laughter which was always entertaining. We'll remember the great times we all had together.

The funeral home web page for Killer can be found at this link: https://www.harrisnadeaumortuary.com/obituaries/david-durocher