<ACR> KILLER ONE TIME FOR ME has been kind enough to set up a Cloud server and create self installers for Maps, Sounds, Sprites, WADS, and Models. Some people were having difficulty with the FTP process so this is a web based cloud server that will serve up the files with as much speed as the standard ftp server available. 

To access new Cloud server please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request access to cloud server when emailing provide your outside IP so he can open the correct ports in his firewall for your access.

When you have navigated and logged into the Cloud server just select the Shared folder and the installers will be available.

These are available as individual or as ACR Hl All installers (which will give you all maps, sprites, sounds, models and wad files that ACR runs on their servers. This way you just need to download the files and double click. THANKS! For all maps, models, sprites, env. and tga files its about 10 GB total if you want all files. Just click on the link below Login Using the below User Name and Password and select what you want to download.   All new installers are available now from down load site.  Just select the dl you want to install and when download is complete double click on the installer and answer I Agree to the license information then just step through the installer steps and files will be installed to the default location Steam has chosen for your gaming files. If you chose a different location for your gaming files just navigate to that location while in the installer and then follow Directions in installer and you will be fine.


 US Down Load Site for Half-Life Installation files

Down Load Site for Original Half-Life Installation files

Get Installation Files Here

User Name = ACR

Password =


US Down Load Site for Half-Life 2 DeathMatch files

Half Life 2 DeathMatch files Maps, Sounds, Materials

User Name = ACR

Password =