Black Screen on Entering Game

If all you see is a blank or black screen when you try to enter a game, it is likely that there is an issue with your video card settings.  To fix this, try the following:

Right click the game name and select properties in the Steam game library.
Then click "set launch options" and put -windowed in the launch option line.
Click ok,
Finally, start your game.
Once you are in the game menu select the proper video mode and resolution.
Then go back and remove the -windowed from the launch options.

Here are a few other launch option for video you can use :

-fullscreen : no framed window
-windowed : game will be in a framed window
-gl : open_gl graphics rendering
-software : CPU graphic rendering
-normal : monitor size 4:3 ratio
-wide : monitor size 16:9or10 ratio
-gl_vsync 0 : turns off verical Synch in open_gl rendering (can improve FPS)
-nofbo : this turns off some advance rendering in open_gl (can improve FPS)
-w 800 : width screen resolution size
-h 600 : height screen resolution size

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